#Harambee63 – (Video) Samora Machel on NeoColonialism and Nationalization

“People don’t defend abstractions. They defend concrete things, the land is a concrete thing, a dwelling a school, a hospital thing. The struggle, the enemy is a concrete thing.”

Samora Machel led the battle against colonialism, against the Portuguese and at independence, his government then had to fight against destabilization by the apartheid South African government who were funding RENAMO to fight against Machel’s government.

Mozambique offered support to ZANU (Zimbabwean) forces in their fight against colonialism.

Cold War politics drove the conditions of the African continent with similar wars shortly after independence for many of the new countries. He died under “mysterious” circumstances when his plan crashed in South Africa.

He explains why Mozambique and Zimbabwe had to go the way of nationalization.


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