#Harambee63 – Graffiti Matters

Uhuru B teaches me.
Uhuru B teaches me.

This exhibition is about learning. Not just about Africa, but also about what my mind can conjure.

Uhuru B a graffiti artist based at Kuona, has been guiding me on my first attempt at graffiti. It looks alot easier than it actually is. For starters, I have to separate the colours of my image. Mentally. Then I have to use Photoshop – and sadly there is no “graffitirize” option.

Graffiti from the Italian word, graffito, is usually about social and/or political messages in public spaces. More recently, graffiti is a form of expression around and within revolutions, particularly in the Middle East and Africa. We had our own little drama with a particular set of graffiti…

Gaddafi is about to be given new life in this exhibition.


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