#Harambee63: The Installation

#Harambee63 was a debut solo installation that talked about Panafricanism, using the Mau Mau War was the focal point. It talked about ordinary people becoming revolutionaries. It was first shown at Kuona Trust.

Using graphic stencils and video, Harambee63 introduced 63 faces of the global war against racial oppression that happened most extensively over a period of five years – in the period leading to Kenya’s independence in 1963.

The audience could participate in the original installation which was recreated as a rural bar. The audience could sit, order beer and food and eat and drink within the installation.

The 1hr30min video shows clips of revolutionaries from Gandhi to Miriam Makeba to Ousmane Sembene to Kwame Nkrumah.


Harambee63 travelled to South Africa and has been shown in part at the National Museum of Kenya.

Photo credits and great appreciation goes to: Emmanuel Jambo – Asante Sana!

Bar1Machetes1 (1) VideoInstallation1 (1) ThomasSankara (1) RedGumboots (1)


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