“I’m moving out. Tomorrow.” is set in a living room, where we see through a woman’s eyes, the very moment that the woman is deciding whether to walk out of her marriage or not. The room holds all the emotions and memories that the woman is processing on this night before she “moves out.” It presents her current state against the backdrop of her past life.

The room is framed in transition, between the woman making her decision and the actual action of “moving out.” In its finality there is tenderness and the expression of strength, past happiness, rejection, sadness, pain, uncertainty, anger and distant hope. The room travels the spectrum from overwhelming joy to excruciating sadness, inviting the audience into this pivotal, sacred moment.

The exhibition at Circle Art Gallery, finally came down Monday 20th April 2015. It took 30mins to pull it down. It took 3 days to put it up and alittle over 12 years to collect the feelings and thoughts that were collected there.

Quite poetic of the whole piece.

In the three weeks that it was up, alot of strangers were privy to a very private moment. 3:23am to be precise on the night that the woman, whose life is depicted in the installation, chose to make action her decision to leave her marriage.

We will walk through the process. A public private moment that only those who happened upon the installation shared.

IMOTenvelopesOver three weeks (or so) 35 people left notes to the woman in the room in response to the question:

“What would you tell her?”

I will be sharing those here (anonymized) because they were kindly shared with me.

#IMOTomorrow on Twitter and Instagram


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