#YourNameBetraysYou explores the origin of ethnicity using literature on the invention of culture and tradition. Texts in African History point at tradition as a purposely-created classification of Africans by missionaries and colonial administrations, in much the same way that a guidebook would be written for birds. This classification and its use made it easier to divide, conquer and rule.
The exhibition is founded on The Invention of Tradition by Terence Ranger, a key text that looks at the creation of tradition in Africa. The argument is extended that by looking at tradition and culture as being unchanging, we enforce stereotypes that lead to ethnicism.

*ethnicism = tribalism


Thank you to everyone who came through the show and who sent positive vibes from afar. This is some of the coverage that #YourNameBetraysYou got:

The Star, February 23rd 2015: “Your Name Betrays You” art show opens in Nairobi

Business Daily, March 5th 2015: Challenging negative ethnicity through art 

KassTV, March 16th 2015: Your Name Betrays You


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